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Kitchen Garden & Environment

The Salopian Kitchen Garden has been 7 years in the making.

What started as a small plot to grow watermelon radishes is now a huge garden around ¾ acre in size. The garden is tended by Head Green Thumb, Maddie Arid and a team of helpers and is run using organic principles and harvested rainwater. Our apprentices now all spend time learning how to grow, harvest and preserve food.

We really enjoy growing our own food and the environmental impact we have with reduced food miles, zero nasty chemical input gardening. Back at the restaurant we have a vigorous recycling program, use solar power, and support local suppliers, craftsperson’s, and growers. We care about the environment and the impact our restaurant has on our earth.

We compost kitchen scraps from the Salopian and have the happiest chickens in the world who help us turn waste into rich deep compost which returns to our soil. Our paper menus are shredded and turned into chicken nesting box luxury and added to our compost.

We have a very busy bee population that has exploded in size and gives us honey on a yearly basis.

We have learned over the years that soil health is paramount and sometimes soil needs a rest. We can’t grow everything we need so we regularly supplement the garden produce with produce from other local growers whilst our beds have a rest.

The garden and caring for our environment whilst serving delicious local food and drinks is at the heart of everything we do and the driving force of Salopian Inn.



Karena & Maddie in the kitchen garden
Edible flowers from the garden
Chicken's used as a natural pest control
Karena happy with Asparagus
Fresh salad leaves from the garden
Salopian Kids enjoying the kitchen garden
Fresh horseradish from the garden

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